Poker game Poker betting online
Poker game Poker betting online
The amount placed in the well by opener is the first bet. The immediate player is entitled to refuse the bet, accept or increase.
Poker players and number of cards
Poker players and number of cards
From a more practical way it is still said: eleven the number of players gives the number of the lowest card will be at stake.
Poker opening game
Poker opening game
Openness is the combination required to initiate a bet. The minimum required is the combination of a pair, and therefore, any more game can.
Poker the full and color
Poker the full and color
The superiority between “full” and “color” can be considered from two points of view: the served game and play with discard.
Online poker rules and useful advice
Online poker rules and useful advice
The good player must be possessed of various orders of knowledge, such as knowledge of the official rules of the game.

Poker players and number of cards

There is a direct relationship between the number of cards and players. It is established that the number of participants added to the number of the lowest card that is in play should result lineup. From a more practical way it is still said: eleven the number of players gives the number of the lowest card will be at stake.


11 to 4 players = 7 (lowest card in play)
11-5 players = 6
11-6 players = 5
The number of players varies from two to seven, but ideally are five participants, for the following reasons: in the game with four participants, it happens very often that the game is particularized between two of them, one wins and the other constantly is punished; in two-three participants development is too fast, and the six- and seven participants, extremely slow and heavy.

When having six participants desired that only five of them take part in each hand which is to the right of “giver” does not play. When there are seven and they want to play five, both of the right of “giver” no play; so they take turns alternately in the game. Moreover, this same removal can be rotationally from time to time, so that every fifteen minutes or half an hour, as agreed, leaving the game one or two and enter as many according to those involved. We proceed in this last way to prevent the orientation of the game and laid plans at some point be lost.

Online poker rules and useful advice

To become a good poker player is necessary not only know all the rules, but also meet a number of other non-technical conditions, but which contribute to form an assembly that can be called “character of the perfect player.”

While it is true that to become a perfect player at all levels, it is difficult thing is also true that those who practice a game-and in this case the poquer- will have to do their part every effort to acquire refinement This can result in personal gain or profit, it is the same.

The good player must be possessed of various orders of knowledge, such as knowledge of the official rules of the game; absolute attention to the order of the plays; the necessary technical knowledge for every moment in development; discreet but attentive observation of the modalities of the adversaries; serenity for the most severe cases of the plays; cold blood in adversity; opportunity to make a “bluff”, consideration-not ofenda- with this in bad; patience to wait for the good run; respect for general opinion or better in cases of discussion; always maintain high morale even at the cost of material losses.

Mastery of the rules of the game.

A necessary condition to switch at any table game with the biggest advantages. Which dominates is not always the target of criticism expressed reserved and sometimes not, but they show, in general, an atmosphere of nervousness and annoyance that can not go unnoticed who possess skills of observation.

Attention to the plays.

Who does not pay due attention to the order, and to open, view or send causes, intentionally or not, shocks that hurt others and himself because he can be subject to fines.

Skill in the art.

For every moment in the development of the game will be necessary to apply a particular procedure. These procedures relate to how to open when you have a strong combination or stop when it is weak. In the first case it agrees to do it in gently to allow the entry of more players in the second so strong to cause the disbanding of the majority. The same procedure will be adopted after discarding, when the time of the final bets.

Observation of opposites.

Although it is not possible nor correct to observe insistently or “semblantear” the opponent when making a bet, it will be very useful to know the reactions experienced by each of them in different situations. This should be done discreetly and better when it is not part of the game, on the occasions when it is out of him for not accepting any bet.
The immutability is great condition. No one can penetrate or discover guess our intentions and our mood. That our movements do not reflect nervousness, joy or displeasure for the quality of our cards it is ideal. Therefore, you must always be on yourself to be controlled constantly and know when nerves need a rest.

Serenity in difficult cases.

What are difficult cases in developing a game? Simply those that must be decided the fate of a large well using, if you will , a fraction of a second to be resolved. Poker is a game of quick determinations, inspired by the knowledge of the adversaries, in the safety of the combination in hand, or the impulse of the heart (the “gut feeling”). The good player must be quick to accept a bet as to make a rebate or a “bluff”, it shall file success. Must be cautious, however, in the final moments of the game, not risking the gains of many hours in a minute, even knowing that the loser adversary force the game in a fit for revenge; in these cases it is preferable not accept large bets even with good cards.

cold blood in adversity.

The player who passes for a moment losing streak will not daunted. It may, in some isolated cases, try one false reaction is discovered, something like a “gesture of propaganda”, with the obvious intention of repeating it again when the cards are good and so ensure the well. Do not repeatedly attempt to “raid” if it has been discovered and is less if opener. The plan will attempt an assault with better odds when opener and is not asking for a letter or two at most.

Opportunities for “bluff”.

Should not be repeated often but after good runs, when the opponent has no doubt and always in the case of not being the starter, not to be forced to “show” in the case of obtaining the withdrawal of the other players. The “bluff” is more feasible when you try it bounces off the first round of the game in order to give the blow in the second, giving the feeling of having very good cards.

Considerations with the loser.

This should be observed especially in family games, and does not apply to heavy tables, where the interest is the primary purpose of the game. In the first circumstance agree not to abuse the rebounds with people who are poor. Although games have strong, it is very correct “see” and nothing else, or if the cards are fairly good couple opt to retire, which is favored to come unless without offending him.

Patience in the downswing.

The slump, if he is wise, will not produce large losses. The slump can be classified into two categories: the first, when no “link” and the player invariably step. The second, when a player is often very good cards but another has them better. In this case the losses are large and agree then be cautious bets, focusing see instead of bouncing.

Respect for the opinion of the majority.

It is, at times, apparent petulance wanting to deprive personal opinion in cases where a play this doubt or when a particular rule should apply. Agree to accept the opinion of the majority or the one that is considered the most complete and impartial players.

Maintain morale.

If several people sit around a table and this is repeated, naturally frequently, and a bond of friendship and sympathy between them is maintained, should take care morale in the game as the greatest of virtues for the mistake a player can not ever be interpreted as an act of personal achievement. The mistake that should have the integrity to manifest before others realize it, so at the expense of suffering from the sanctions the rules established.


Are you passionate about mus and have decided to try new things? Or you’ve never been a big fan of the cards and has piqued your curiosity?

Whether for whatever reason, welcome. The poker besides being a fun game , involve thinking and follow a strategy and also, of course , you can make money if you know how to play your cards well.

We recommend that you play with your friends both at home and so online. In poker, as in most materials, you learn by practicing.

In addition, and so you see how far you can go, you can take a look at professional development of Raul Mestre. I bet your story does not leave you indifferent!

The poker by definition

Before entering the field, it is important to know the basic terms and types of plays that exist in poker. If you are not sure of knowing this information, take a look at our ABC poker.

Poker is a card game in which players with all or part of their hole cards, make bets based on an initial bid. At the end of the game, the player or players with the best combination of cards wins the total amount of bets placed.

Sometimes it can not be the best hand wins the pot, but this will only happen if through bets has forced the other players at the table to withdraw.

As you know, there are different types of poker: Omaha, Ruzz, Stud, HORSE… However, in this article we will focus on Texas Hold’em , because it is the most common.

The poker hands

poker hands
From highest to lowest value , these are the combinations of letters or hands you can do in poker:

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Consenting Adults
high card
Game rules

The goal of Texas Hold’em is to create the best possible combination of letters.

The game follows the direction of clockwise. Once the bets made two hole cards to each player at the table and then 5 cards are dealt shown discovered:

– The first three cards are the flop.

– The fourth letter is the river.

– The fifth card form the turn.

Betting Structure

Know the rules
Through four rounds of betting, each player must form the best possible combination of 5 cards. For this combination, players can make use of both their two hole cards, as the five community.

The four rounds of betting are:

Preflop : Each player bet knowing only the value of your two cards tapas, and none of the community.
Flop : Bets are made ​​after showing the first three community cards.
River : Bets are made ​​after displaying the fourth community card.
Turn : The final community card last round of betting occurs.
Preflop first player to speak is that which is to the left of the big blind, but on the flop and the following, the first player placing bets shall be that the izquiera the dealer.

The time to bet

In each betting round there is one big blind and small blind. The large worth twice small, and if the other players at the table wants to participate in the round, that will at least match the bet of the big blind.

The blinds exist to motivate players to play. If there are chips on the table, someone will want to win them. Otherwise, players will only participate when they had the best hands, and the game would have much less emotion.

When betting, there are options:

Match betting
Up the ante
Do all in (bet all the chips you have left)
All in
Surely, when you get two aces in the first hand you are clear that you bet, and yet, when you get 5 and 6 do not usually have it so clear. So based on what we decide whether or not to bet? Poker is a gambling game, so either money or chips, you have to try not to waste them and try to get the best out of them.

If you’re playing a game, you can not decide whether to bet or not simply by hunches or intentions, at least not entirely. Before doing all in, we suggest you find a good reason to do so if you do not want lamenting later.

What goal pursue your gambling?

– Misleading the rest of the table into thinking they have another play.

– Give value to your bet.

– Getting information about other players.

– Protect your hand against the rest.

If you think you will not meet any of these objectives betting, the best is that you spend. Nothing happens because do not play a round or a game, and there will be more. Better not to play to play knowing you’re going to lose.