Top Five Online Poker Games

If you are a poker fanatic, or you are just getting interested in the game, you will be happy to know there is more than one variety of the game you love. Yes, most of us think of Texas Holdem when we are talking about poker, but it is not the only variety that is popular with online players. If you are curious about the many different online poker games that you can play through online casino sites, here is a top five list that we created with the best options:

  1. Texas Holdem:

As we mentioned, Texas Holdem is often the game we associated with the word poker. It is the classic poker game where you are dealt two cards, and you must attempt to get the best five card hand on the table, by using the combination of your cards and the ones that are dealt on the table. Betting takes place before the first three table cards are dealt and shown, and before the fourth and fifth cards are revealed.

  1. Omaha:

A similar game to Texas Holdem, Omaha is a game that you can play with two to ten players. There are four rounds of betting in this game as well, but you receive four cards instead of two, and the five cards that everyone can see are revealed immediately. You can use two of your cards and three of the ”common” cards to make a five-card hand.

  1. 7-Card Stud:

A fascinating game, seven card stud is a poker game where you are dealt seven cards. Three of them are face down, while four are face up. Your goal is to create the best five-card hand out of the seven cards at your disposal.

  1. 5-Card Draw:

You are dealt five cards when the game begins, but you can trade in up to three of those cards after the first round of betting is complete. While this game is not played on the competitive scene, it is a great game if you want to have fun with a few of your friends.

  1. High/Low Chicago:

One of the poker games that we do not hear about very much, High/Low Chicago involves two varieties. You can either play a game where the highest spade wins half the pot, or a game where the lowest spade wins. The second half of the pot is won by the person who has the best hand. If you have the highest/lowest spade AND the best hand, you win the entire pot!